BSE Principal Update

February 11, 2013

Digital Learning Day - A PLP/21st Century Learning Kick Off

Last Wednesday we successfully implemented our first Digital Learning Day. Although our experience was at a basic level, it was highly effective and purposeful. I thank each of you who stopped into explore. The inquiry training and digital adventure of DLD was a perfect kick off for the PLP (Powerful Learning Practices) that will be a normal part of our future professional development. Look for an extension to DLD on the April 10th late start. In the mean time keep exploring, keep asking great questions, and push yourself to immerse your practices with that of the digital world. I also wanted to let you know that I purchased four more iPads for the BSE collection. Remember to use the sign out system and keep returning each and every one!

An example of a real life BSE Digital Learner -

Kaylin Hoover - Destiny Quest - BYOD Success

Kaylin is a 4th grade student at BSE who brings her iTouch to school every day. Last Friday she noticed that the computers in the media center were full and her friends were complaining that they couldn't find the right books. She said to her friends, "Don't be silly, down load the Destiny Quest App and you can find any book you are trying to find." She showed her friends the Destiny Quest device app and how to search library catalog for books on the 10 most dangerous animals in the world. It was seconds later she had the call number on Mosquitoes book! Kaylin, is a digital native that does not think twice about such a solution. How do you embrace your digital natives in class?

Staff Development - More to come in February

  • February 20th, STAFF MEETING - 8AM LGI - Dr. Fredericks and GT (REACH)
  • February 27th, Late Start Meeting - 8AM LGI - Common Core Part II (Math)

Cultural Competency - A reminder that this happens ALL the time!

At the beginning of year we made a promise to highlight the strengths of our children and do so in a manner that recognized and celebrated their culture. I appreciate all of you who continue to invite parents/family members in to share their story! I thank you for keeping your students engaged in discovering their global community every moment you can find a link to do so. It is always my quest to provide you cultural learning opportunities, however our staff meetings have not lent to spending as much time as necessary, so please take a tour of the two links below. Take these quick quizzes and reflect on the process. These are NOT for students, only for you the professional and no data is collected or shared. Take a reflective journey in ten or less minutes! I dare you!

Valentines Day

Remember that V Day is simply another day of learning at BSE. We do NOT have parties, nor do anything out of the ordinary that is not connected to our curriculum etc. If you exchange cards etc. do so in a manner that is candy/food free and super quick. We have a great deal of content to cover this year and we don't want to lose time on this particular day.

Tutoring at BSE

Tutoring for grades 1-4 kicks off this week. You were sent details of participation and dates/times last week via Mrs. Schrank. All questions pertaining to tutoring come to me (dk). Thanks to Mr. Anders, Mrs. Calabrese, Ms. Mizen, Ms. Gibson, Ms. Root, Mrs. Robinson, Ms. Riesing, and Mrs. Mikrut for taking time out of their schedule to help tutor our little people!

Big Events - This Week

  • SIC and Discussion cancelled TODAY
  • 2/12/13 - Kinder Prof. Development/REACH 8AM/RTI K1 8AM/Kaminski Admin 9:45
  • 2/12/13 - PLP 4PM - PTO 7PM (NEED one rep per team, please)
  • 2/13/13 - Grade 1 3:50pm and SCIENCE FAIR 4-7PM
  • 2/14/13 - Sped Team 11AM
  • 2/15/13 - Kinder, 3rd, 4th, team meetings 8AM
  • 2/18/13 - No School
  • 2/19/13 - No School