Scotland is a amazing place that not many people realize. Most people only are interested in bigger cities but Scotland is one of the most interesting places in the world. The world hinders Scotland but with time it will show that is a amazing place. Scotland has some of the best tourist attractions ever like Loch ness Lake. Scotland has been around for so long that it has begun its own cultures.

Tourist Attraction

Loch Ness- A Loch that has people to believe that there is a Loch Ness monster that lives in it but it has not been proven but that does not stop people from looking for it.
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Tourist Attraction

Edinburgh castle-Scotland's most famous fortress has dominated the city's skyline since the 13th Century and is Scotland's most popular monument.
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Good Friday-3/25/16 Friday before easter

New year's day-1/1/16 New year

Boxing day- 12/26/16 Day after christmas

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Aberdeen Angus Steaks- They produce 30% of UK's cattle

Whisky-80% of Scotland exports

Atlantic salmon- 3 in world for most

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Famous People

J.K.Rowling Harry Potter books

Alex Ferguson Football manager

Eric Liddell Gold medalist for 400m

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Language and phrases you should know before going here

Main language is English

Phrases you should know- failing means your playing, mony a mickle maks a muckle, keep the heid, heid doon arse up, haud yer wheesht



Name of leader-Nicola Sturgeon

Type of currency-Pound Sterling


Major exports-Scotch Whiskey and salmon

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Major Cities

Glasgow 596,000

Edinburgh 487,000 Aberdeen 220,000

Dundee 147,000

Paisley 76,000

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