James Madison.

By: Anthony Esquivel

Mr. Madison.

James was a american statesman, political theorist, a federalist, father of our constitution, and the fourth president in the U.S. Born March 16 1751 port Conway. Died June 28 1836.

Issues James Madison Faced.

Madison issue was the war of 1812 (foreign affairs) with England. Madison forbid trade with England and France. England seized cargo of Americans ship and impressed sailors. The British also burned the white but then James wife went back inside the white house to get a painting of George Washington.

The End Of The War Of 1812

Madison declared war on England on June 1 1812 known as the war of 1812. it lasted a couple of years but both side ever won, but Americans did win victory at the battle of new Orleans near the Mississippi river. a treaty was signed and was called the treaty of Ghent.