Welcome to our inquiry expo

by matthew.k+chanith.P

Our special day is coming!

Our special day is coming for the parents to see what your children or friends have done! You can learn lots of imformation about Australia and the students will be doing a model, poster, a play, diarama and other. You will be amazed of what the students have done.

When it is happening!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 28th 2012 at 2:15pm

The Crossing, Caroline Springs, Victoria, Australia, Creekside college

Make sure you come so you can see our AWESOME work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:]


1. At 2:20 the student voice people will welcome the parents.

2.At 2:30 all of the parents will be able to look at our AWESOME work. The parents will be able to go to any year 4 class they want to.

3.At 3:00 all the parents have to leave. For the students, they will have to pack up.