Quieting a Crying Baby

Vanessa M. & Gabby N.

Do you have a crying baby??

We know its your first time having a baby so don't worry we have the answer to your question.

If your fustraded because your baby is crying here are ways to calm him or her down:

1) Swaddling - holding your baby up close and tight can make the baby feel like they're in the womb. If you don't hold your baby up close and tight they'll start crying even harder so make sure they're all snuggly against you.

2) Side/stomach- Baby's are easier to calm when they are on their side and stomach it triggers a calming reflex. But make sure they aren't sleeping on their side only on their back.

3) Shhhhh. - Saying "shhhh" while rocking your baby will help them calm down but it must be loud enough to match your baby's crying or not they wont hear you.

4) Swinging - Rhythmic moving's trigger a calming reflex . Ways to use motion are baby slings and carriers, dancing , infant swings , rocking , car rides , and bouncy seats.

5) Sucking - putting a pacifier in your baby's mouth can trigger a calming reflex .

6) Finding out what your baby needs - another way to calm your baby is by finding out what is making your baby cry . Try feeding the baby , if he is not hungry try burping or change the baby's diaper.