African American Movement


Taking Away the Vote

  • Fifteenth Amendment- prohibits states from denying citizens right to vote (race, color, condition of servitude)
  • Poll Tax- pay to vote - poor African Americans can't vote
  • Literacy Test (couldn't read)
  • white votes fell- some also poor & illiterate
  • Grandfather clause- let more whites vote if they had an ancestor who could vote in 1867

Legalizing Segregation

  • Jim Crow Laws- enforced discrimination
  • Civil Rights Act 1875- legalized segregation
  • Fourteenth Amendment- allowed practice of segregation
  • laws establishing racial segregation

Plessy v. Ferguson 1892

  • Homer Plessy challenged Louisiana Law- ride separate from whites
  • arrested
  • Louisiana Law- "separate but equal" facilities
African Americans were discriminated against. Voting rights were established, but things like tax and illiteracy kept African Americans from voting. Laws were passed to make segregation legal. People like Homer Plessy stood up for their rights. Ida B. Wells, Booker T. Washington, and W. E. B. Du Bois showed the responses of the African Americans.