30 Day Back to School Challenge

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

SUMMER has been fun, but now is the time to FALL back into a healthy routine!

*Remove toxins and build lean muscle

*Have more energy and increase concentration

*Experience less discomfort and sleep soundly

*Achieve better athletic endurance and performance

*Experience more youthful aging

30 Day Back to School Challenge

Monday, Sep. 8th, 8am to Monday, Oct. 6th, 6pm

This is an online event

*Commit to the 30 Day Challenge and get registered today to set up your health and wellness package!

*Email or message me today with your phone number and personal goals!

*Grab 2-3 friends to join you!

The Buddy System gets great results!

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*Participate with others joining the challenge!

*Fuel your body with 100% organic nutrition!

*Take your before pics and before measurements!

*Be ready to start on September 8th!!

Let's get healthy together!!