Do You See What I See?

Windows into Challenge Leadership

It is by teaching, that we learn ourselves.

As lead learners of our homes, we daily model before our students humility and teachability. These two Christian attributes are the cradle for spiritual growth and academic excellence. The Classical Conversations Challenge Program provides families an opportunity to learn together, relationally strengthening family bonds and enriching personal growth. As a CC Challenge Director, we are privileged to model how we learn at home to other families and students, sharing and guiding discussions towards truth and understanding. Directing Challenge is a natural progression from Tutoring Foundations and Essentials, as communities grow together, in Him.

How will I do it?

You already did! If you have experienced at least one year of homeschooling you are already a champion of grace! God has met you at your point of need and you have walked in it! You know that learning is a matter of moving from the grammar, to the dialectic, to the rhetoric. So the question is, where do I find the answer? And the answer is in the question! You will learn how to ask good questions and watch the students come alive in class, making connections for themselves, participating with them on this beautiful journey with joy and excitement!

You are on this journey, let's walk together!

As a prospective Challenge Parent, you are embarking on a journey which will change you and your student forever. As a Challenge Director, you will receive extensive training, preparing you to lead both in the home and in community. As a result, your confidence will become the inspiration for those who follow you in grace and truth.

Window into Challenge Leadership

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 6-8pm

110 E Patrick St

Frederick, MD

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