Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia by: C. S. Lewis


The genre of Prince Caspian is historical fiction.


The theme of Prince Caspian is that good always wins, no matter the circumstances, and that things aren't always bad, just because of their appearance.

Protagonist and Antagonist

The antagonist is King Miraz for persecuteing the magical animals and Prince Caspian, the protaganists are Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, and Prince Caspian for fighting for the good of the magical animals and defeating King Miraz.

Main Character

Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian is kind because he is not afraid of the magical animals even though he had never seen any. Pg. 66. He is courages because he was not afraid to run away from the castle even when he knew it would be a painful joirney. Pg. 62 he is also determined because he made the very long, hard journey through the mountains to get to the mythical animals that could talk. Pg. 63.


The setting of Prince Caspian is Narnia. Narnia is a kingdom of magical animals that can talk, but the telmarines came and conquered it and sent away the magical animals. The magical animals impact the story because the plot of the story is all about bringing them back after King Miraz sent them away.

Main Conflicts

The main conflict of Price Caspian is that the telmarines, a long time ago, came and conquered Narnia and sent away all the magical animals. Then Prince Caspian came and gathered all the animals to defeat his uncle, King Miraz, who was making all the telmarines that the animals were just a myth.

Personal opinion

If i had to rate this book, I would give it a 10/10, because I like how the ancestor of the man who saved Narnia, was the man who ruined it. I also like the concept of talking animals and magical kingdoms. I also like how Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are brought back to Narnia after Prince Caspian blows Susan's own magical horn.