Hero Creation

By : Parys Mckay Patterson

Who is he?

1) Hero's name?

Tommy Richardson (aka Red Coat)

2) What was his life before he became a hero?

Small town boy who was single in 11th grade at Mountain View High School, played football and loved math. Never got into trouble. Lived on a farm with a bunch of horses. He always loved to go riding after school.

3) How did he become a hero?

Tommy was walking home one day after school, and a car hit him. He fell in some old river water and something in there had something in it that made him have super speed, strength like no other. He however lost his vision, but his vision was not to badly damaged. He didn't come to realize this til one day a tree fell on his dads tractor and he picked it up so easily, Tommy didn't even break a sweat.

Red Coat

What rules does your hero live life by?

1) He never hurts anyone Innocent.

2) Anyone that hurts someone is the enemy.

3) He never uses his abilities unless he has to.


Powers/Special weapons?

1) He's blind but has the ability to see clearly.

2) He can run so fast to where you can't even see him.

3) He has amazing strength, he can even pick up heavy buildings.

4) He has a red & black stick that he uses to help him in his crime fights.

Hero's Traits?

He is the bravest man, he will fight for what he wants and will fight for any innocent person who needs his help. He is sweet and caring, very charming. He's very generous, he helps anyone who has a problem. Very honest and respectful. He's a nice and friendly guy. But at the same time he is a very shy guy, but when he gets into his super hero mode he is very confident and outgoing.

Hero's Song..

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

I picked this song because it explains powerful people who have been through a lot but still come out strong,people who never give up when the world hits them hard. It explains how a person was put through something so emotional, but told us how he/she was going to fight and not give up, because you have one life and that your not going to let someone tell you how to live it or have someone ruin it because they think they are stronger than you.