By: Perryville Elementary STLP


When bullying occurs you need to tell an adult right away. Look the bully in the eye and tell him or her to stop. If the bully is teasing you in a way you don't like, insulting you, or physically threatening you, sometimes eye contact and a calm, clear No it is the right way to defuse the situation. Tell the bully that you are OK with the treatment you're receiving, and make it clear that it has to end immediately.

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All Kinds of Types

Physical- hitting, pushing, fighting, yelling, taking other's things and breaking them

Emotional- name calling, making fun, leaving someone out on pirpose, starting rumoers

Avoid the Situation

Teasing the bully by calling him or her names or threatening to fight is the only going to make things worse. Don't yell or take steps toward.s physical violence. The bully will likely respond with increased bulling, and you risk in as much trouble or he or she does if you're caught participating in the situation