How to paint a flower

simple and easy

Step One

The first step to painting a flower is gathering your paints.

You need black and white. Then you want to gather paints for your background, flower, and one additional paint color.

Also you need a canvas or a piece of paper.

Finally you need a big wide brush, a small skinny brush and a medium sized brush.

Step Two

Take your pencil and draw a circle in the middle of your canvas. Then take your black paint and fill in the circle with the paint.

Step Three

Take you pencil and draw the outline of the petals. Be sure to make the petals run off the page. Then fill in the flower petals.


Paint in your background with the color you chose.


Make light streaks with the white paint and the additional color you chose for your petals. With your streaks take the big wide brush and smear the paint.


The final step is to add design. If you would like, in the black circle you can put a saying, your initials (first name, last name and middle name), or some cool design.

Let dry after for at least 10-20 minutes.

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