Abuse of New Technology

Is your personal technology watching you?

Background Information

  • you're being watched in stores and online because salespeople want to tweak their advertisements so that you'll buy more from them
  • there are cheap and easy-to-use products that people can buy to spy on others
  • some of the smart TVs tell you that there are cameras installed in the manual
  • some cars with wifi have tracking systems (insurers give discounts to people who enable tracking devices on their cars)
  • all of your information could be stored in databases (age, gender, license plate number)
  • many people the that it's the government that's spying on them
  • certain people can tap into phones and listen to calls


  • it could help law enforcement detect planned terrorist attacks
  • emergency services could easily find out if there is a robbery, fire, etc.
  • it cuts down on crime
  • criminals can be easily tracked down
  • lowers the cost of community policing
  • provides evidence for trials


  • if the information that is gathered isn't in a secure place, it could be hacked
  • most stores watch people without their consent, so it invades privacy.
  • identity thieves or hackers can get your information and clear out your bank accounts
  • stores can look at what costumers are buying so that they can adjust their service so that the costumers are buying more and losing money.
  • people can be targeted by predators



  • A woman's ex-husband installed a tracking device on her phone, without her knowledge.
  • The app only costs $8 a month
  • It tracks your every move, and it has access to all of the contacts, phone calls, and text messages on that device

Samsung's Smart TV

  • There have been many reports of Samsung's Smart TV is listening to your conversations.
  • Many people say that if the TV isn't on, it won't be able to record anything.
  • Samsung said that "personal and sensitive information could 'be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Control'" (Alternet)

Google and Verizon

  • these companies are creating cable boxes
  • the cable boxes have motion sensors and video cameras


I feel like surveillance is not a bad thing, but there needs to be a reason. Public surveillance is okay, because if there's a robbery or an attack of some sort, there will be evidence or an image of the culprit. People can't be "spied on" without a specific reason. The law enforcement can check in on suspects by using technology. They can tap into phones, only if they have a warrant. If people are caught tracking others without a warrant, they should be penalized.