Antigone to Defy Creon's Orders

Will she be capable of doing it?

Antigone has told her sister her plans to defy Creon's orders. The orders were to leave their brother Polynices body unburied as punishment for his treason. Antigone wants to take her brothers body and bury it. She wants to do the final rituals to assure that his soul will be at rest.

The reason Creon refuses the burial of Polynices. Polynices was an intruder of the city and and killed Creons brother. Crenon Threatened death to anyone that attempted to bury Polynices this also stands as a civil right measure.

Antigone out side the city walls looking for her sister for the help to bury their brother. It is their duty to bury him. She fails to convince her sister so she went to a higher power the would over rule Creon a religious law. That leaving a body unburied for any reason offends the gods. Then Antigone made a dramatic speech about her love for the dead and the love for death its self.