JROB Dugout News 2/25 - 3/1/2019


Dr. Miller challenges all teachers to invite one or all of their African-American families to attend with you our school's Black History program - 2/27/2018 @5:00

Notes from Damita

Dear Robinson,

Looking forward to another great week in #JROBNation. As you know we are in full motion toward student proficiency goals with 8 weeks before Spring Break and 10 weeks before SBAC administration. As we push through, continue to ensure each learning opportunity is working to meet the goals that hold students to high expectations.

In preparation for this week's staff collaboration opportunity on 2/27/2019- DOK and Assessment:

1. Please bring your plan book for the week of Feb 19 - 22, and the week of Feb 25- March 1

2. Please bring the assessments/quizzes/exit tickets that you administered to students during the week of February 19-22.

Please be reminded:

Progress Monitor "PlayBook" upcoming 1:1 meeting:

See embedded link:


Staff Collaboration - 3/6 (MS Only) - Continued meeting from 12/13 in establishing/supporting consistent practices for student success in middle school.

Staff Collaboration - 3/13 & 20 - Grade Level Collaboration

Staff Collaboration - 3/27 - HLT Data Analayis

Respectfully - Damita

Ask these reflective questions in planning "Daily" Learning Intentions to support moving student learning to TRANSFER - 2/27/2019

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SBAC countdown: "PROFICIENCY" is our only GOAL!!

CAASP Resources: Click the Embedded Link

2/20 - Recap from Dr. Deena Brown with supporting African American males

1. Are we providing positive images of black males, through lesson design and implementation - Culture relevance is key? We must make their history important and celebrated.

2. Don't buy into the perceived stereotypes or narrative that "all" black males are one way. To address this mindset change we must get to know our student and know what drives them.

3. Don't carry biases from another teacher, start new and start fresh for each child

As we know..It's about RELATIONSHIPS, RELATIONSHIPS...Therefore, we must speak encouraging words to them as if they’re our own children because of the power we have in their lives.

STOIC: PLAYGROUND Structures and consistency are KEY! It takes us all for a Safe and Civil School!

Having an engaging playground is essential to having a safe play space for all students. Take some time to review the rules of popular playground games so that students are less likely to argue about rules. Why not add these games to your supplemental P.E. time? This will likely encourage less active students to give these games a try!

Here are a few resources for your use:



Four Square:


Double Dutch:


Hula Hoop:


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February 28, 2019 Digital Learning Day

Click the Embedded Link for Resources from the official website

Read Across America Day..Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Seuss - 3/1

Day's Activities:

7:15 - 7:55 & 10:20 - 10:50 - Special "Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast

8:00 - 8:30 - Class Read In - Elementary

11:30 - 12:15 - K PM Classes w/special WEB leader activities

Dr. Seuss's videos of favorite books to show with students:

Green Eggs and Ham:


Fox and Sox


The Lorax




March Maddness Attendance Challenge is on.....Are you Ready to Win?

During the month STUCO and Dr. Miller challenge alllllll JROB Dolphins to be in school every day to enhance/support SUCCESS.

What: Increase attendance percentages as a grade level

How: Students being in school each day

Why: Because being in school is cool and gets students brain smarter/learn more to meet goals

Prize/reward to:

*1 grade level with highest attendance percentages for a month

*1 grade level with highest increased percentage from previous month

- Afternoon at the JROB Movie IMAX Movie Theater:

Fresh Popcorn, Candy Snacks, Lounge Chairs, Video Games, Dance Off, Photos

3/5 - 3/6 - At Risk Parent Conferences - ES

Click the embedded link for slide deck for the protocol process, documents to download and information for parents:


At Risk Parent Conferences Middle School - During conference

Middle School will not have minimum days for March 5 & 6 to support "at risk conferences".

However, during the week of March 4-8, you are expected to have 4 conferences with parents during your conference period for students not making adequate progress. This parent conference requirement is in alignment with administrative requirements allowed for use of conference periods.

Ms. Spneker and I will discuss your conversations of support with parents during our data meetings.

Coming Soon Tech Tuesdays....Enhancing our Use of Google Classroom and Useful Apps

March 9 - Know all the features of Google Classroom? (Part I)

March 15 Google Classroom Plus? (Part II)

(Apps to include: Padlet, Flipgrid, Booksnaps, Bookcreator, Scratch, Adobespark, POWToons)

March 26 - Useful Apps to support learning for students to make/show meaning understanding)

April 2 - Useful Apps - Part II

April 9 - Useful Apps - Part III

ST Math Jiji/Weekly Progress to Meet Standards

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Congratulations..Mr. Weeks, Mr. Durham and Ms. Mendenhall for Community Kindness Door Decorating Contest

19-20 Transfer Opportunities Information and CORE Survey

School Transfer Information

Transfer requests for the 2019 – 2020 school year will be due March 31, 2019.

Requests for Transfer will be available February 1, 2019. See the school secretary for a paper copy or you may complete the transfer request online via HRS portal.

Summer School and Summer Enrichment Opportunities(SEL) Teaching Opportunities

Certificated Summer School Job Applications

Certificated applications for summer positions are now available on the LBUSD Portal (application directions). Summer positions offered are Special Education ESY (Pre-K through Adult), High School SDC credit recovery and General Ed High School. Employees are also able to download a PDF application link on the HRS webpage. Completed PDF applications may be saved and emailed to hrshelp@lbschools.net. All applications must be submitted by March 15, 2019. Information regarding dates and times of summer school are listed on the application.

Summer Enrichment And Learning (SEAL)

This year, select Elementary, Middle/K-8 and High School sites will offer Summer Enrichment and Learning (SEAL) Programs. All certificated staff are welcome to apply for SEAL. These teaching and learning opportunities are tailored to match the program designs of the individual school sites and applicants will be selected based on the needs of the program. If you would like to be considered to participate in the SEAL program, please fill out the SEAL application.

JROB Broadcast

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This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.

Celebrating Student Achievement - Grade Level Proficiency

Dramatic Results - STEAM Saturdays Week #3 - Master Chef

Young Women in Engineering @ LBCC 2/22

Be in the Know.......JROB Happenings