Acid Rain

It not so good

Main Causes Of Acid Rain

A mixture of air pollution and moisture in the air.

Burning Fossils fuels.

Some Effects of Acid Rain

Trees lose their leaves. Trees suffer from stunted growth damage dark.. Fish die. It can kill fish before they're born. Respiratory problem architecture and artwork can be destroy by acid rain. Rust. Germany's acid rain pollution greatly affect the countries that surround it.
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Most Effected Countries

There are several places around the world affected by acid rain and here are the main ones.The Northeastern section of the United States where acid rain is caused by high numbers of factories and power plants is one affected area. Also in that same region, the Southeastern section of Canada is affected and the main cause is factories in the Toronto-Hamilton area and possibly large numbers of automobiles. Central Europe (Black Triangle of Lower Silesia in Poland, Southern Saxony in Germany and Northern Bohemia in Czech Republic) and Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Finland) are also affected, here being the British and other European factories doing the damage. One more main area that is affected is parts of Asia, specifically India and China, where acid rain is caused by large numbers of factories.

What would Government do to fix it?

The government should put a sign or put on another rule to say ' stop burning fossils fuel". And or to stop driving too much and just walk.