Good Luck In Middle School

By Jerzea Saimon


Lockers are a huge deal in middle school. You will have a locker number and a 3 digit locker combination. For example, lets say your locker number is 2104 your combination will be 3 numbers. Lets go with 13-7-18. You would turn to the left to 13, then to the right but pass 7

then do it again but this time go to the number 7, last go right to 18. Thats it you just opened your locker. If you have trouble with your locker ask for a teacher and they will open it for you.

Drama and Gossip

Drama in middle school happens most of the time. Secrets and rumors will go around and then you will be the last one to find out about it. Next thing you know you are in the office talking to the vice principal on why this rumor is going around. I would know this from experience.

Teachers and Staff

Your teachers are sorted in a section called a house. You 6th graders are going to the orange house on the top floor. As you walk in to the house you will find different rooms. On the left side is Mr.Weldy one of the math teachers. Across the hall is the restrooms. Then at the end in the corner is Mr.Newman he will be your science teacher.