The Sanchez Spirit

Mr. Sanchez's Newsletter for last names A-Bi & Puente

Thank You!

Hola! Families,

The patience, grace, and resilience I have witnessed from all of you through the most challenging school opening ever has been tremendous and inspiring. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and persistence in getting through this first of many challenges. I am fully caught up on emails and other things at this point. If I missed an email or communication from you and failed to respond over the past couple of weeks, I apologize. I am happy to address any concerns that were missed. I am now focusing my efforts on preparing to deliver important information to my students as it pertains to their grade level and serving my students and families daily needs.

Love & Respect,

Mr. Sanchez

What Happens Now?

I am opening up my appointment calendar as of Tues 8/25. Please see link later in this newsletter or click appointment to schedule an appointment. This year I am utilizing Google Classroom, Calendly, Smore newsletters, Zoom, phone calls (outgoing for now) and emails to deliver academic support, college & career and personal wellness information to students. Its important that every student join my Google classroom and check their school email regularly. I will be using students school Outlook email for most communication.

Emails of course can be sent my way anytime. I try to answer them in the order they received and as soon as possible. If I have not gotten back to you in 48 hrs please send me a reminder. What I have learned is that if you or I have something more complicated or sensitive to discuss, it is best to talk via phone or video conference. Please book an appointment if your situation is in need of it. All the ways to contact me are below.

Mr. Sanchez's Google Classrooms

As I mentioned above I, and all counselors, will be utilizing Google Classrooms to deliver important and much needed content to our students. After you join please complete the "Get to Know You" and "Student Contact" assignments and click "turn in" when you are done. I am trying gto get to know all of you the best I can and have multiple contacts for you should I need to get a hold of you. I need all students to join using the correct class code below.
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The Importance of Self Compassion

No matter how much we have going on, it's important to remember to treat yourself with kindness and compassion. To often we are our worst critics and very hard on ourselves. What if you intentionally applied the opposite approach to yourself, using your inner voice to say kind things in situations that are stressful and anxiety producing? Pause for a minute and ask yourself, "What would I say to a dear friend who was experiencing a challenging situation or feelings?" and "How would I speak to them?" In this case one should probably listen, try to see yourself in their shoes and speak in a positive assuring tone. Next time you find yourself drifting towards the dark side, talk to yourself with the same qualities as you would the dear friend.

As the wise Master Yoda says "You must unlearn what you have learned." which I have come to understand in this case as sometimes we have to shake up the process by try something different to overcome challenges. Don't let your inner critic take you to the dark side, fight to stay in the light by being kind to yourself.

Schedule Changes

The deadline for student schedule change requests has passed. In order to allow students and teachers to start settling in we had to impose a deadline. Only changes by administration due to balancing or otherwise will be happening from this point on. At any time during the year, if there is an extenuating circumstance, we will always explore ways to help students by looking at options on a case by case basis should the students have a need. Be prepared to start with contacting the teacher/s and answering specific questions pertaining to your situation so we can find the best possible solution.

Regular Contact Information

I will be working remotely until students return to school physically. Email will be my main contact mode. I can place calls to parents and students, but will have no voice mail or be taking calls. If you would like a call back please book an appointment or send an email. You can also call the school at 951-738-2100 and ask to speak to the receptionist that works with me. Her name is Yessica Cano. She can forward a message to me via email. All of my contact options are below.