King Henry the VIII

Alexander Schrader

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Henry was a very good example of a Machiavelli ruler.Henry was the King of England and breaks off of the Catholic Church to start his own church to be able to keep the country from further conflict due to an empty throne. Henry made several decisions to help keep order in his kingdom.

Famous Events and Decisions of King Henry

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King Henry's six wives

King Henry had many wives. He was getting to the point were he needed to have a son to take over as king when he dies. Well, his first wife just wasn't able to provide so he tried to have an annulment but the priest refused. Thus began the Church of England's growth separated from the Catholics. He ended up beheading his second wife after she had committed adultery. He had a daughter (Mary) with his first wife (Katherine of Aragon). He needed a male heir though. His second wife had a kid but of course it wasn't a male. It was the later Queen of England Elizabeth. Third times a charm, Jane Seymour was able to give Henry his male heir named Edward making this the youngest of Henry's children.
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Separation from the Catholic Church

As said in the above paragraph King Henry had separated from the Catholic Church. He had to have a male heir and his current wife wasn't able to produce him one. So he asked for an annulment from the priest. King Henry was surprised to find out the priest's answer. The priest had refused to give the King an annulment. King Henry was furious. Henry was so mad he decided the separate from the Catholics. He has put in charge of the Church of England from then on.
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Leaving an heir

Henry knew of the past and how they had a bad problem with finding an heir to the throne. So Henry had to do the events above to be able to not cause a civil war. He had to produce a male heir to better his country.