Patrick Reilly

From Eighth grade until Middle Life

C.B.A. Colts Graduation Class of 2020

Christian Brothers Academy High School in Lincroft, New Jersey provided me with high-level education and very good extra-curricular activities and sports.

Vanderbilt Commodores graduating class of 2024

Vanderbilt University offered topnotch sports and internships in the fields of my studying, architecture. With a major in architect and Architectural Design degree. With the help of the professor's, a high-paying job in the field of architecture awaits.
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Q & A with Patrick Reilly

Q: What are my skills, strengths and abilities?

A: My skills are math and I like to build a lot. Making blueprints and designing model buildings interest me.

Q: What is important to me?

A: Family and friends are the most important. Education is also very important to me and the opportunities that I am given.
Q: Where do you want to live?
A: I would like to live in an urban are such as New York or Chicago, a city that offers temperate climate.
Q: What do you envision as your career?
A: Any career in the field of architect gets me on the edge of my seat to work hard.


Building innovative and special buildings makes me happy and offers the best career choice. Yearly, an architect makes $112,000. With a pay like that I will find a nice apartment or flat in the middle of a providing city.