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May 2017 Edition I

Library Updates

These past couple of weeks, we've been busy working with teachers and students on a variety of projects. We've worked with...

  • Mr. Kellams Berger's 7th grade English students for a Speed Dating with Books activity. Take a look at our Book Talk Slides to see which new books we highlighted.
  • Ms. St. Germain's 7th grade students on research projects related to famous unsolved mysteries. Check out our Researching Unsolved Mysteries page. Students created digital posters.
  • 7th grade English teachers on a Reference Materials Scavenger Hunt lesson to correspond with their SOL review. Here's a link to our PowerPoint.
  • 7th & 8th grade LMS students on a variety of research projects, across all subject areas!

Current Library Displays

Novel Destinations: Take a literary vacation to the country of your choice with one of these novel destinations! These books are set in a variety of interesting locales... simply check the passport stamp to choose your preferred reading destination!
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Other Announcements...

Author Visit!

Jake Halpern, an accomplished author of young adult books, will be passing through the D.C. area in a week, and he will be paying a (free!) visit to Longfellow on Monday, May 15th during 6th & 7th period and Lancer Time. While a number of teachers have signed up to bring their students to his presentations, even students who aren’t scheduled to attend this event will have the opportunity to meet him. Students who pre-order one of Jake’s books, Nightfall or Edgeland, will be able to attend a special book signing event during Lancer Time on the afternoon of his visit. We are encouraging all interested students to complete one of our book pre-order forms (from One More Page Books), and get it in to us ASAP. Next week, we’ll deliver invitation passes to all LMS students who pre-ordered one of Jake’s books. For students who already have their own copy of one of Jake’s books, the book will serve as their pass to the Lancer Time event.

To find out more about Jake Halpern, check out his page on Amazon and his website.

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The following video is a fan-made book trailer for Jake's book, Nightfall.
Nightfall Book Trailer

Find out about our new books...

LMS_ Library's Virtual Bookshelf

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Battle of the Books Update

As a reminder, Battle of the Books (BOB) meets on Thursday afternoons in Room 121--across from the library. We are currently reading and discussing this year’s Virginia Reader’s Choice books (in no particular order). We are asking all BOB members to fill out this form for each of the books that they read. Ultimately, the book questions that they generate will be used for practice rounds of our competition. To find out more about this club, please visit the Battle of the Books Website.

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LMS Librarians

Jennifer Polidoro

This is Jennifer Polidoro's second year as Head Librarian of Longfellow Middle School. Jennifer has an MLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MA in Secondary English Education from the College of William & Mary. In her free time, she loves reading, traveling, cooking, and chasing her toddler around the house. Some of her favorite books include Frankenstein, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, and Graceling.

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Lisa Hedge

This is Lisa Hedge's first year as a librarian at Longfellow Middle School after being a librarian at Glen Forest Elementary School for three years. Lisa has an MLS from the University of Maryland. In her free time she loves reading, traveling, listening to music, and yoga. Some of her favorite books include Harry Potter, The Giver, and Catherine, Called Birdy.

What I'm Currently Reading

Interested in helping out in the LMS Library?

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Nicole Yakatan (nyakatan@aol.com), the PTA’s awesome volunteer coordinator. We always have plenty of projects in the library!