Lucie Manette

Character Analysis

Ms. Manette

Thought to be orphaned as an infant, Lucie was raised as a ward of Tellson's Bank. She discovers that her father is alive, and out of prison, living in Paris. She rushes to his side to help him through his coping process. This love and care she shows for her father attract the attention of her future husband, Charles Darnay. Although not a major character in the novel, the story revolves around Lucie and her father.

Delicate Damsel in Distress


Lucie is described as having golden curls, beautiful blue eyes, and a curiousity that displayed itself on her face. She is short, thin, and very pretty. She has a very slight French accent and is well mannered. She gives off the aura of perfection and is almost angelic. She provides the representation of the good part of human nature.