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Dear Friends,

Every Month In Your Corner TV will be sending you a ministry update, prayer request and special faith strengthening discipleship gift as a way of saying thank you for being In Our Corner with your faithful prayers and support. (Your gift is attached below)

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Our Prayer Requests

We produce over 50 shows a year, when I say we, I mean me and a very small team of volunteers and part time editors and videographers. The In Your Corner budget is running 1,000 to 1,500 a show, and we have currently exhausted almost all of our production funds.

Our hope and prayer is that the Lord will move over the hearts of at least 500 people who will consistently contribute $10 a month. We're calling this the 500 Club. If you go to our website: you will see a new section we have added for those we prayerfully hope will answer the call to be a part of our 500 Club.

We are grateful for the people the Lord has used to help keep the ministry going, and we are deeply grateful for your sacrifice of time in covering these prayer requests.

We have experienced some extremely lean times, and when all almost seemed lost, provision would come through at the last minute, or extra work would come my way so I could help fill in the gap financially.

Also pray that the Lord would draw hurting men to the show and soften their hearts to the gospel, that the Lord bring us the right guest with stories that will touch the hearts of those who desperately need Christ, and that the Lord will use the discipleship resources that we give to our viewers to help strengthen, equip, and encourage fellow believers, and be used as another avenue to reach the lost.

There are millions of men out there who never had a spiritual father. The average dad only spends 6 minutes a day with his children, that is even if he stayed around to provide the love and support that is desperately needed. Pray that the Lord use the heart-felt true stories our guests share to reach men who do not know the love and saving grace of Christ.


The Lord willing, we are getting ready to expand to other networks, and strengthen the backend ministry portion of our website. In the months to come we are going to be providing more online ministry resources. Our desire is to freely give these discipleship resources as the Lord provides. Following the example of an amazing soul winner of old, George Muller who took over 10,000 orphans out of England's prisons in the 1800s and built millions of dollars worth of orphanages - we will move forward with the Gospel of Christ to a dying and lost world, by prayer and believing in the promises of God.


George Muller is known as a true hero of the faith who had over 50,000 prayers answered. During his lifetime, he established 117 schools which educated more than 120,000 young persons, including orphans. His amazing story has influenced the lives of thousands of men and women who went on to become ministers of the Gospel. As a thank you gift for your prayers and support, we have a link to several of George Muller's powerful and inspiring books.

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George Muller Books / Audiobook

George Muller - Answer to Prayer

George Muller Biography Kerry Pharr Bio Trailer

About Us


In the depth of anguish suffering and pain, when I almost took my life..I encountered a loving merciful Lord who gave me the grace to endure and overcome.

Through the years the Lord has sent a number of Godly people my way... faithful laborers in the harvest field who have had a heart for the suffering and the Lost.

God used these wonderful saints to not only lead me to the Lord, but to teach, encourage, strengthen, and help equip me for true Kingdom good works.

The Lord has used my past failures and sufferings, and the many lessons I learned while getting back up - after being knocked down numerous times, to raise up a National Men's Ministry and Television show. By the Grace of God, propelled by the prayers of family and friends, I now have the wonderful opportunity to give back and take the saving Grace of Christ to thousands, possibly millions of struggling, hurting, lost people.


In Your Corner TV is a ministry platform that provides a rich resource of online discipleship books, and videos for free. In Your Corner Ministry also produces a weekly half hour show consisting of heart-felt testimonies from real men with powerful stories of faith. For over 4 1/2 years In Your Corner TV has consistently delivered these Christ honoring shows to a Nation wide audience.

The Lord has given us an incredible platform. We are currently airing on both the Daystar Network and the NRB Network (National Religious Broadcast Network)

Daystar reaches 200 countries and reaches a potential 600 million homes around the world. The NRB Network airs on Direct TV and reaches a potential 30 million homes in America.

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