BHA Updates


Bus Update

Alhmudulillah, the bus from CC to AG before school and AG to CC after school will start back up again. Jazakum Allahu khairan to everyone’s patience as problems were worked out. For now, the MCC service is suspended.

Last Thursday's AG Drop-off & Pick-up

Jazakum Allahu khairan to all families for such a smooth drop-off and dismissal under short notice on Thursday! Everyone’s spontaneous cooperation was amazing.

As we return to normal, please remember to continue and go into the backlot, then turn around and come forward. Turning around outside the gate or inside the gate in front blocks the passage of others and can create a dangerous situation.

Uniform Jumpers for Sale: NEW Shipment Received!

We have received a new shipment of uniform jumpers for girls. Sizes TK through 8th grade are available for purchase at our offices on both campuses. Cost ranges from $30 for small sizes to $40 for the larger ones.

Logo patches are also available for sale to be attached to shirts, sweaters, etc. Cost of $5 each.

Earthquake Drill at AG

AG campus participated in the Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill on Thursday, 10/20, at 10:20 am. With sounds of the ground and buildings rumbling, students dropped, covered, and held on to their desks, then proceeded to the blacktop area facing the field where all were accounted for. Drills for fire and lockdowns will also be practiced, followed by quarterly practices. May Allah protect our students and school always.

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Recycling Reminders

Students are reminded to always separate their landfill waste from the recyclables such as paper, cardboard, bottles and cans.

  • Blue bins in the classrooms are solely for paper and cardboard.

  • The large yellow bins in the courtyard are for bottles and cans.

  • The black bins are for trash.

Soon we will be adding an organics bin to separate food waste from the rest of the trash, as dictated by a recent mandate in California.

The Prophet SAW taught us to minimize waste and to conserve our resources. It’s an innate part of Islam and we hope to instill these habits in our students, insha’Allah.

High School Group College Counseling Sessions

9th grade: Friday 10/28/2022, 4th period

10th grade: Tuesday 10/24/2022, 5th period

11th grade: Tuesday 10/24/2022, 4th period

12th grade: Daily essay consultations, 7th period

High school program updates meeting with the parents will be announced soon!

Scholarships for High School Students:

All high school students are encouraged to continue researching scholarship opportunities, making special note of requirements and deadlines.

Basketball Games Schedule

Saturday, October 29, 2022

JV - 11:20 am

Location : Alliant International University

Soccer and Flag Football Registration Still Open

Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:45-4:45 pm

Please register at or using the following link:

Location: Lindbergh neighborhood park (down the street from Masjid Abu Bakr)

Hot Lunch Menu

AG Campus:

Monday: Cheese Pizza, $3 per slice

Tuesday: Thabiha Chicken Shawarma, $6

Thursday: Hamburger Sandwich and Chips, $6

Please try to have exact change.

CC Campus:

Monday: Cheese Pizza, Organic Snack, and Drink, $5; Single slice can be purchased for $3

Wednesday: Falafel Sandwich, Side, and Drink $5

Please bring $5 cash for hot lunch. Teachers will collect lunch money each Monday and Wednesday morning.

More Dates on the Horizon:

  • End of Quarter 1: October 28

  • Parent Teacher Conferences: Nov. 9 and 10; early dismissal days

  • Robotics Qualifying Tournaments (4th-8th): November 12

  • Fall Break: Nov. 21 - 25

Campus Information

Office Hours: 7:45 AM - 3:30 PM Monday through Thursday; 7:45 AM - 2:00 PM Friday.

Campus Emails:

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