No Teacher Left Behind

Education is very important!

Ongoing Learning

Educators such as teachers should always be willing to continue their educational studies and also attend seminars throughout the year. This type of requirement needs to be in place so that educators can stay refreshed on upcoming change and task in the educational field.

Nationwide Opportunities

Teachers and other educators should practice all strategies that will enhance their students learning abililties such as follows:

  • social skills
  • communication skills
  • problem solving techniques

Teacher Standards

All teachers should meet state regulations relating to their teaching skills throughout their career. The standards will determine how well a student is taught and if they can pass the EOG, end of grade testing to move to the next level. If all standards are met then each individual student should know the material well enough to score highly. Also teachers are not well prepared sometimes for the ISTE Standards because these standards require teachers to be global and digital due to technology and some teachers are use to the old way of teaching for example:

  • chalkboards
  • overhead projectors

verses things such as:

  • smart boards
  • computers