Mrs. Athman's News

Feb 27th- Mar 4th


This week we read the fiction book The Three Shapely Pigs. Comprehension skills this week were to continue our work on making inferences and predictions. Our phonics work was identifying medial sounds (ar like in barn), differentiating medial sound and medial sound substitutions.

Word Wall Words:

many, by, run, any, way, very, may, only, words

Vocabulary Words:

circle, square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon

Next Week’s Spelling Words

port, shore, more, roar, door, thorn, only, way, find, use

Writer's Workshop

The students started writing facts they know about their "All About" topics. We have children writing books about dogs, football, dolphins, butterflies and much more!

Reader's Workshop

We have been working on using what we know (our schema) and the text we are reading to make inferences about the characters we are reading about.


This week in math we worked with:

*attribute blocks

*pattern blocks


*3-D shapes


We have been learning about food groups, My Plate and eating healthy!

News and Announcements

I will keep the book order until Monday in case anyone would like to place an order yet.

On Friday, March 10th we will have a "My Plate" party to celebrate all we have learned about eating healthy. If you are able to send any of the following foods to school for our party, we would appreciate it. Ideas are pretzels or crackers from the grain group, carrots or celery from the vege group, apples or other fruits and cheese sticks from the dairy group. Any other ideas are welcome. I have a refrigerator at school to keep the food in. Thank you.

Specials Next Week

Mon, Mar 6th- art

Tues, Mar 7th- phy ed

Wed, Mar 8th- music

Thurs, Mar 9th- phy ed

Fri, Mar 10th- art

Author Visit

On Thursday we got to hear author David LaRochelle! We had a great time! Ask your child about it!