Shelf Talker by: Benett Caskey

The Boy On Cinnamon Street by: Phoebe Stone

Do you like mystery books

In this book Louise Terrace is trying to figure out who her secret admirer is. Louise lives with her grandparents in South Pottsboro and with her friends Reni, Henderson, and Annais. Louise was a gymnastics champion intill she quit, she did backflips on the balance beam and cartwheels. Something is holding Lousie back, a secret from her familes past thats heartbreaking that has got her frozen. And its going to take a boy and a miraculous spring to thaw her out again. As Louise and Reni is trying to find out her secret admirer is they have to call everyone they know and search online to find him.

The Author

Phoebe Stone the author of, The Boy On Cinnamon Street, Remo Blue, The Remo and Juliet Code, and Deep Down Popluar. She Published Remo Blue on June 1st, 2013, Phoebe was the only painter in a family of writers. Her childhood was her time drawing and telling stories as she drew. Phoebe had a very succesful career as a Fine Art Painter and During her time she received two Vermont Council on the Arts Fellowship.

The Books She Wrote

About her books

Her books are mystery, love, and drama her books are popular but her most popular books was The Boy On Cinnamon Street, The Romeo And Juliet Code, and Romeo Blue. As she got older she was hardly writing books no more and her last book was The Boy On Cinnamon Street.