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Planning for September 2020

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The COVID-19 health crisis has impacted the operations of schools. In Lawrence we are proud of our staff and families who rose to the challenges, making a rapid switch to distance learning. We were fortunate to have the support of the community and Board of Education which enabled all learners and teachers to have chromebooks to utilize for distance learning, including the provision of wifi hotspots to all learners. Moving ONWARD there are many unknowns as to what schools will look like in September. This document will be updated as information from the State Education Department becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

School September 2020

What is the planning process for September?

The New York State Education Department has announced that guidelines for NYS schools will be presented during the July 13th Board of Regents meeting. Once the guidelines are issued, we anticipate Districts will have a roadmap to follow to ensure their planning takes into account the regulations of the state.

Who will be involved in the planning process?

The district , with BOE approval will make all decisions in conformity with state regulations and input from the existing District Safety Committee. This long standing committee exists, is mandatory and consists of various stakeholders, leaders, teachers, nurses, community members.

What are the possibilities for school in September?

Much of what we see published from other states show education departments prepared for three types of learning environments, they are outlined below:

In-Person Schooling - All students are scheduled as normal with additional focus on cleaning protocols and PPE.

Hybrid Model - Student education is a combination of in-person instruction and distance learning. This model reduces the density in classrooms and allows for increased social distancing. Models used in other states include A day B day or A week B week schedules in which ½ the students are in person.

Distance learning - all students receive remote instruction ( as in Spring 2019)


What plans are in place currently?

We know that the concept of density and social distancing are strongly seen in all health guidance to date. As such, we are looking to reconfigure certain grade levels to address this along with academic and social emotional objectives.

What would the grade configurations be for the 2020-21 school year?

ECC at #4 School - Pre-K and Kindergarten

Primary School at #2 School - Grades 1, 2 and 3

Elementary at 195 Broadway- Grades 4, 5,and 6

Middle School at 195 Broadway - Grades 7, 8

Lawrence High School- Grades 9-12 Reilly Road Campus

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted all of our lives, and our learners have abruptly been taken away from their schools and teachers/support staff. This configuration allows for continuity of learning environments for students. They will now have an opportunity to maintain relationships and conclude a year in the schools they were enrolled in when the pandemic hit. Students headed to HS will enter HS with their cohort.

How are cleaning protocols being addressed for September ?

The district has ordered 500 free standing hand sanitizer stations, touchless thermometers, cleaning products and new cleaning machinery. Our crew has been cleaning throughout the crisis and the full cleaning crew will begin July 1 allowing ample time to further clean and prepare the buildings.

When will we know more specifics?

The State guidance due on July 13th will enable the next round of planning to take place. This document will be updated once the guidance is available.

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