• Difficulty staying focused and paying attention
  • Difficulty controlling behavior
  • Hyperactivity (over-activity)

How to Diagnosis

  • Medical exam to rule out other problems (hearing and vision test)
  • Checklist for rating ADHD symtoms and taking history of the child from parents or teacher


  1. Medication
  2. Behavior Therapy
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Facts to KNOW

  • There is no solid reason why people get ADHD.
  • More Males have been diagnosed with ADHD than women
  • 5% of american children have ADHD
  • Its common in childhood but can carry on through adolescences and adulthood
  • 70% of people with ADHD have been treated for depression in their life
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Disclaimers about why its caused.

  • moral failure
  • poor parenting
  • family problems
  • poor teacher or school
  • too much TV


At the begging i only knew that ADHD was a disorder that made it hard for people to understand or focus on things in school or their daily life. After researching i have learned that its shown more common in males and they have not found a reason why or how you get ADHD and also adults can have it too.

By-Elise Davis