RCE Weekly Update

September 17- September 21, 2018

Great week RCE!

Thank you to everyone for a great week on campus despite the uncertainty this week regarding Hurricane Florence making landfall. I think we ended up being very fortunate to not have a lot of damage or flooding in our area compared to what could have happened. I know that this has created a lot of stress for everyone as we are at a time when a grading report is going home this week and everyone is trying to wrap their mind's around how to handle a missed day with online assignments. Thank you for your patience as SDPC leadership monitored the weather. You all have done a great job focusing on what you have control over and focusing on what is best for your students. Great job!

Please remember that on Mondays that we have school, we will have our Huddle Group meetings. All Students and Staff are encouraged to wear their Team colors on Monday to school.

Don't forget that any grades that you want to have reflected in the Q1 Progress Report, need to be entered into the computer by Sunday night, September 16.

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This Week’s Huddle Lesson

For Huddle on Monday, September 17th, we will be exploring what our team names mean. Please take the time to view the video for your group before Monday so that you can lead your students in a meaningful discussion as you move into the second part of the activity. On the link below, find the video that matches your team name. Only show the video that matches your team name and them complete the Word Garden activity.

Also, I will have order forms in your box by Monday morning for t-shirt PRE-SALE. The t-shirts will look just like the ones teachers have. Please give each student an order form and ask them to return it to you the following Monday. See Pam Baker to get a receipt book to use as you take up money.

If time permits and you find yourself with extra time before Huddle ends, feel free to show the other videos and talk about the meaning of the other team names. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Schedule for the Week

RCE Bell Schedules

Look here to see the different bell schedules on the RCE campus.

Faculty Shout Outs


Student Chromebook Update

As the last handful of students submit payment, I will continue to make deliveries via homeroom. Please have students continue to sign the roster. Rosters should be given to Preisig once everyone in your homeroom has signed for a device. If you have a student in your homeroom that hasn’t received a device, please feel free to ask Preisig about it.

If you have any students that may be in need of internet at home, let me know. As soon as the permission form and $15 fee is received, I will get a Hot Spot in their hands.

Duty Group for the Week

The following faculty members have duty for the week of Sep. 17-21:

AM Duty: Arnold, Bateman, Garrett, Johnson, Perry, Powers, & Smith

PM Duty: Benson, Boomhower, Joplin, Lamb, Raines, Spinda, & Yarrow

Admin Duty: Duncan (BUS), Preisig (CAR), & Culpepper (CAFE)

*Please be sure to check out the Duty tab on the faculty resources page for details.

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Tech!

The ChocoTacos are in, and we are ready to help you come up with some tech tool solutions for your instructional needs! Preisig and Gregory are ready and willing to meet with you and your colleagues according to what works best in your schedule. Simply email Rachel Gregory to sign up for your time anytime in the month of September!! (Next week is crazy for almost everyone, so we have opened up the window for as long as the ice cream stays good.) The goal is to talk about what you are teaching and share some customized ideas that may fit your needs directly. If you are looking for subject-specific PD, or just have an affinity for the Choco Taco, this is for you!
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