Zaeem Aamir

The Course

As soon as I commenced this course i knew that this is a course i would like 2 pursue. This course taught me many things ranging from wiring to understanding binary. We were also given tools such as pliers, diagonal cutters etc. Throughout the assignment of spelling "computer engineering" with wire on a breadboard i learned that the entire world of wiring is much more intricate and in-depth then i had previously thought. We were then asked to complete a large variety of circuits going from simple led's to advanced circuits like the logic probe transistor circuit, with that assignment i learned to take my time building circuits and really focus on the task at hand.


The course introduced me to many tools i had not been exposed to such as the chip remover and the wire strippers. With wire strippers we learned to cut wire with precision and how to accurately determine how much 5 millimeters is by using the holes on the breadboard to measure.

Pros And Cons

I enjoyed many things during this course, such as the many work periods we had to finish the circuits. I also enjoyed getting to know the many components such as resistors, transistors, capacitors etc. One thing i did not enjoy during this course not knowing why the circuit did not work it is a big let down to work on a circuit to see it fail which leads to the trouble shooting process, but all that is a mere spec compared to the fun i had in this course.
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