YMSL Goals and Target Hours

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There are 6 categories in the system under the Hours Type dropdown.
  1. Philanthropy Hours: Hours serve towards the 20 minimum
  2. Meeting attendance: Moms 3 of 5 and Boys 5 of 7 meetings
  3. Wish list credits: Max of 3 per year only by promoted opportunities
  4. Missed meeting makeup: Service hours that cover meeting absences
  5. Penalty hours: Extra hours served for no shows with philanthropy assignments
  6. Drive time: 1 hour for 20 or more miles to a service event)

Please use appropriate category and enter a description of service provided. Do not log in your penalty hours and meeting makeups under 1 or 2. Use 4 and 5 to get credit for your penalty hours and meeting make ups!

Important to remember:

  1. Record your meetings and service right away so you won’t forget.
  2. Wish List- $10 donation = 1 credit or hour. Mom & Son can each contribute 1. (3 Maximum per year! More $ will Not give you more credit)
  3. Missed meeting hours- 2 hours of service are required for 1 missed meeting. (Hours may be worked between February 15th & June 30th)
  4. Penalty hours= # of hours you were signed up to serve and did not.
  5. Drive Time Hours- 20 or more miles of driving to a service event can be recorded as 1 hour (4 Maximum per year! (2 hours May to January, 2 hours February to April)
  6. Must serve 4 different philanthropies your 9th-grade year.
  7. If a service event is canceled with less than 24 hrs notice you will receive credit for those hours. Unless it is a self-scheduled philanthropy.
  8. You may count 1 hour of training per calendar year.

Goals and Targets per Recording Periods:

  • Target to have at least 8 hours by Nov 1st for the period of time between May 1st to October 31st*
  • Target to have between 12-14 hours by Feb 1st for the period of time between November 1st to January 31st*
  • Goal is to have 20 hours by April 30 for the period of time between February 1st to April 30th*
  • The system will lock down on these dates*. You will not be allowed to enter info for the preceding dates.

Specific logging issues:

  • Mobile Loaves and Fishes- 1.5 hours includes drive time and pick up/drop off.
  • Drive a senior- Count service from the time you pick up senior to the time of drop off. If you drive more than 20 miles you may be eligible to log 1 hour for driving.


If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please reach out to our Hours Chair or a member of the Hours committee.