Dorothy visits the Wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


In the book, Dorothy was very determined to get home! She kept trying and trying to get home no matter how appalling the situation was. She went through many different adventures easy or hard she pushed through them and ended in victory. Also her coterie consisting of the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowarderly Lion were also very determined to reach their goals. The Scarecrow wanted a brain, the Tin Woodman wanted a heart, and the Cowardly lion wanted some courage. As the Scarecrow once said "But I do not want people to call me a fool, and if my head stays stuffed with straw instead of with brains as yours is, how am I ever to know anything?" This is showing the desire the Scarecrow wanted that was hard to do. But he was deteremined! Determination is key to success! When Dorothy went through and finished her aduous journey, she got right what she waned, to go home. Right before she left she said, "I will ask them to carry me back to Kansas at once."

Dorothy embarks on her journey in Oz, with her coterie of 3, determined to get home!


In this book, there are many different characters to talk about! First is Dorothy, who is a young country girl was swooped away by a tornado in her own home! After hours of the loud winds, she landed in the imaginative town of Oz. People there were differnet than the ones she was familliar with in Kansas. Determined to get home, she followed the instructions of the good witch of the north and embarked on her journey to the Emerald City! Second is the Scarecrow, Dorothy was on her way down the yellow brick road and stumbled upon him. After she figure out he could speak, he told her his dream of having a brain. The congenial girl offered for him to tag along and see if he could get a brain in the Emerald city! Allured upon this he graciously accepted and they were on their way! Third is the Tin Woodsman, who Dorothy and the Scarecrow see second. Trying to communicate, the Tin Woodsman moaned and groaned until they could finally recongnize his presence. Bobbing his eyes in the direction of his cottage, Dorothy retrieved his oil can and oiled all of his joints. The Tin Woodsman had been stuck there for many years and could not move! He was stuck in a wicked rainstrom where he couldn't get his oil can! Greatful for the moving of his body, he told the young girl and the Scarecrow his dream of having a heart. Dorothy having the same idea as before, inviting him on the quest! Fourth, the Cowardly Lion attempting the scare the group frightened many of them until his true cower idenity was revealed. Explaining how his life was so difficuly being a coward without courage, they inited him on the journey to the Wizard of Oz!

L. Frank Baum

This book was writtin by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow. It was published in May 1900 by George M. Hill Comapany. L. Frank Baum was born May 15, 1856 and lived in Syracuse. He married in 1882 Maud Gage and he was considered an imaginatve dreamer. (not very many facts about him!)