Pattern Photography

Create Table Patterns using Photos

How can you generate a list of number pairs using photos?

First take a picture. Then make copies of the picture. You can add an artistic flair by using photo filters using the Camera Bag application. Next, find a pattern in the picture such as number of wheels on one tricycle, then two tricycles, then three tricycles, and so forth. You will develop a list of numbered pairs using the data from the photos.

This Activity is Affective!

Learners get engaged and stay motivated because they are taking the photos of objects that interest them. They are challenged because they need to create their own pattern, excited because it is engaging, and interested because there is significance in the object.

Guaranteed to be an Engaging and Feasible Activity for All!

For more information, watch this reflection video.

This project was done in my classroom this year. I had a group of diverse learners, and it was a successfully incorporated project.