8 Grade

Celebrate Writing

Over the course of the first semester, your students have dedicated hours to writing. Now, we invite you to see what they've been up to. Mrs. Holub, Mrs. Close, Mr. Parr, and I are so proud of what the students have been writing that we brag to everyone we see about them-the custodian, my next door neighbor, our spouses, the Math teachers! This allows them the opportunity to put their work on display.

Gallery Walk

Friday, Jan. 17th, 8am

47 College Street

Poland, OH

  • Writing will be displayed in room B4B (in the basement) beginning at 3pm on Jan. 16 and ending at 3:00pm on Tuesday, Jan. 21.
  • Please remember to sign in in the office before proceeding to the basement.
  • Students will be present during the following periods: 1 period (8:40-9:14), 5 period (11:25-12:03), and 8 period (2:35-3:10). So if your student has me during block one, they would be present from 8:45-9:14.

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