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4 Ideas to Help Improve Educator Well Being

The Principal of Change

Stories of learning and leading by George Couros

So when I look back at my career, from the beginning until today, I have shifted a lot of my focus on what fuels me and what depletes me of energy. Hopefully, some of the advice below can help others in their process.

  1. It is okay to enjoy things that take you away from your job. I had a conversation with an educator recently, and they shared that they were losing themselves in their job. My advice was that students connect better with people that are teachers, not those that only identify as teachers. Having those outside interests and hobbies makes you more relatable to students. Don’t get caught up in teacher guilt. Take some time to relax and have fun.
  2. You will never be done so quit acting like it is possible. Here is a little secret in education. No matter what you do, or how hard you work, there will always be more work waiting for you. There is no”done.” I have tried to provide professional learning opportunities for educators at times where school might be a little slower but they don’t exist! There are deadlines that we must pay attention to, but learn to take breaks. Email will still be there when you get back. Also, look for opportunities to hand over things in your school or classroom for students to lead. Not only does this take some stuff off your plate, but it also helps to give students more ownership over the school.
  3. You don’t have to try everything. There are great ideas and things you can implement every single day. That is awesome! But if you try to do all things, you will do no things well. Great ideas will be there in the future as well. Look to do more items of depth, rather than everything at a surface level.
  4. Find people that give you energy. I limit my circles to those that lift me up. This doesn’t mean they don’t challenge you to get better, but you know they have your back. You often are who surrounds you.
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Dates have changed: June 4-27. We will now use June 3 as our paid planning time.

Middle School Teacher Academy kids are coming April 2nd, 8:45-10:45

We are hosting middle school students who may be interested in the field of education. I will be meeting with them from 8:45-10:00 to discuss the different jobs that exist in this building. They want to spend time with staff during this time as well, so they will be with you 10:00-10:45. I will organize them and then may be bringing students to you. This includes all staff, as I will let them choose what job interests them the most. Just be ready to explain what you are doing with kids when you have a moment.

I will say, I love that there is so much interest in bringing students to this building, but we are saying NO to a lot of schools, let's try middle schoolers and see what happens.

Pictures Needed

I have been asked to do a write up about our top 3 "Transformative Practices"....lucky me, we are already heavily embedded. I will be speaking to Loose Parts/STEAM, Project Approach, Conscious Discipline. I need help with PICTURES....if you have any that represent these three areas, I would greatly appreciate one or two from you!! THANK YOU

Hope your St Patricks Day was full of bagpipes and laughter!!

ELL Families?? Home Visit, Screening, Eval Mtg, Parent Teacher Conference.....There is help

I put a flyer in your mailbox about "Languageselect"....please remember to use this resource in order to more effectively communicate with families!
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