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Joan Of Arc

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Biographical Information

-Born in 1412 in Domremy, France into a peasant family

-Died on May 30th, 1431 in Rouen, France

-Joan was a catholic saint who had visions and believed that god was talking to her. it didn't help that she was illiterate so people already thought she was crazy.She was told to be a brave and fearless female on the battle field and highly religious catholic.

Memorable Moments

-In 1424 Joan had her first vision

-In 1425 she said "When i was thirteen, I had a voice from god to help me govern myself"

-she rescued Orleans from the English

-Joan's forces broke the siege of Orleans in only 10 days, and the English fled.


-She was help prisoner by the english and tortured

-She jumped of a 4.6 story building and didnt even get hurt

-She was guilty of witch craft and burned at the stake

-A few years after her death people realized that they made a mistake by killing her and that God was really talking to her so they made her a saint

William the Conqueror

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Biographical Information

-Born in 1027 in Falaise, France

-Died on September 9th, 1087 in Rouen, France

-He was an English king

-One of his nicknames was "Duck of Normandy"

-Married Matilda of Flanders

-He had four sons and 6 daughters. His sons were Robert Curthose, Richard, William Rufus, and Henry. His daughters were Agatha, Constance, Adela, Cecilia, Adeliza, and Matilda.

Memorable Moments

-In 1051 William offered the throne of England by Edward the Confessor

-In 1066 he conquered England

-When William defeated the English at he Battle of Hastings on October 14th, one of his sons died


William the Conqueror was important because he established feudalism in Europe. Europe had no central government and was constantly being attacked by vikings and other barbarians. Feudalism was a system of loyalty.Monarchs were loyal to lords.Knights were loyal to lords and peasants and lords were loyal to peasents as well. without federalism, kingdoms may not have been protected.

King John

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Biographical Information

-Born on December 24th, 1167 in Oxford, United Kingdom-Died on October 19th, 1216 in Newark, United Kingdom -He was an english king -married in 1200 to Isabella of Angouleme-he was cruel, disloyal, and a natorious womenizer

Memorable Moments

-John became king of England and lord of th "Angevin Empire" in France

-his younger nephew, Arthur , had a better/stronger claim to the throne sp John got him murdered


-he signed the magna carta,giving some rights to ordinary people.-he was famouse for his treacherous behavior toward his brother King Richard, the legend of red robin hood, the murder of his nephew, and the losing of Normandy and sighning the Magna Carta

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