What is inside Sarah Limas?

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Hello everyone. I am Sarah Limas. This is my 2nd semester in grad school at Texas Tech. I earned my bachelors degree from Texas Tech as well. I am a SAHM currently, and love every crazy minute. Previously, I taught kindergarten for 9 years. My hobby for the moment is to sleep when I can, kidding of course. I love to take my boys to do different things, watch reality tv, or read. My boys are 2.5 and 10 months. They are only 21 months apart. I'm looking forward to this semester and learning new things in this class.

Adeptness with Technology

I would consider myself tech savvy. The district I taught in used a lot of technology and always adding things. This helped me as a teacher as well as knowing the new, up and coming apps, website, etc. If I'm not familiar with it I can learn it fairly quick by exploring the app or whatever it may be.