The Global Artist

"Art - It's a World Thing!"

Check out the International Flavor of the Elements of Art here at the "I am" International Magnet Visual Arts Department

The Elements and Principles of Design are the toolbox and foundation of Art Projects and Creations. All around the Globe in any art museum there are 7 basic tools used in most any art creation as a foundation. The elements can be used in different combinations with emphasis placed on any particular one by the creator of the masterpiece.

Check out this project done by Haley from 7th grade here at "I am" using Pic Collage an I-Phone and I-Pad Application along with her team mates Mary Katherine, Savannah, Da'Sha and Jasmine. Good Job ladies.

Zach K, Will D, and Michael J

5th Period 8th Grade Honors Guys Held the "I am" Train up to add their final touches as a team to the "I am" International Train Poster with a Volcanic Background producing a visual experience here of global proportions!

Way to go guys!

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The Faculty, Staff and Administration voted who from our students to represent IRMO

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Will the Judges Agree?

We'll See...

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Open House at the "I am " International Magnet

Tuesday, Sep. 24th 2013 at 5:30-7:30pm

6051 Wescott Rd

Columbia, SC

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Creighton's Eye Reminds Us that .............

....... In the World there are artists that are so gifted, talented and blessed that their message gets to us all. We can not look upon their pictures and go unaffected by that message. The message they impart to us is so powerful that it lives in our hearts forever. The influence of their message produces a response within us that is only explained by our minds' eye. The mind's eye in each individual is different from everyone else. May artists like Ashley who did the eye below and Creighton who did the eye above live in the mind's eye of our hearts forever.

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Forest Scenery by Jared W