Robert Stevens 7/Ms. Green

Grass Lands

In the Grassland food web there are four things of who animals get energy. First is the producer, the producer get there energy from the sun and make their own food like grass. Herbivores are animals that eat only plants like rabbits.

Food Web of The Grasslands

In the picture shows the Food web of the grasslands. First the Producer is a non living organism that makes its own food from the sun. A consumer that is a herbivore like rabbits and voles. The herbivore gets food by getting plants. Then a another consumer which is a carnivore eats the herbivore, getting the food as well.

Symbiotic relationship

The great impact on the grassland.

Human impact on the grasslands.

Humans build Factories, Cities and towns. The grasslands population is being threatened by work of humans. Animals are being hunted down

Type of animals of the grasslands.

The first one is the herbivore that only eats plants by the sun. Now later the herbivore gets hunted down by the next consumer, the carnivore which only eats meat. The food that the herbivore eat now carry with the carnivore. The third consumer depends on it. The third consumer is a omnivore that only eats two things: flesh and plants.