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For the Week Of: 10/10/16

From the Principal's Desk

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this morning's forum. We had eleven in attendance this morning who offered their feedback on how the school year has gone so far. Below are the highlights from the meeting:


o Socks/tights may be solid colors of red, white or blue

o Pants/Shorts – need to be dress slacks or shorts (no cargo, corduroy, jeans or bottoms with embellishments)

o Outerwear – children may wear any jackets while outside, but once they come inside, all apparel must be AMA uniform pieces

o Formal Day Sweaters – the sweater vest or button up sweater are both acceptable for formal day


o Moving towards an accelerated curriculum starting in the lower grades

o Small groups created by teachers within the classrooms to accommodate varying levels of students


o Mrs. O’Connor has volunteered to organize our library – thank you Mrs. O’Connor

Parent involvement

o Parents are welcomed to volunteer during the designated classroom time. Please speak with your teachers for ways to help out in the classroom. Please note: Academic instuction is only conducted by the teacher

o The goal is to allow parents and students to enjoy the school year without having to worry about the small details

Date Night

o We are in the process of coordinating date nights with the preschools to provide the same night out for all campuses. More information to come.

7 Habits Tickets & Pillars of Character

o Feedback from parents that these are great programs and children are responding positively at home

General Feedback

o Children are happy and love coming to school

o Teachers are happy

o Having a calendar has been a wonderful addition

After School Enrichment Programs

BRAND NEW programs are about to begin! Sign language and cooking classes will be offered starting next week. Please click on the links below.

Monday - Sign Language with Mrs. Shubin starting 10/17

Wednesday - Brain Builders Lego Robotics (Last class on 11/2)

Thursday - Private Piano Lessons *Schedule a time directly with Miss Lee. Space is limited

Thursday- Cooking with Miss Olivia starting 10/20

Friday - Cheerleading

Be sure to order your cheer uniform at www.omnicheer.com if you haven't done so already.

November Hot Lunch

Online ordering has been extended!

Monday, October 20th is now the last day to order hot lunch for November online. Please email Miss Spiker with any questions.

Click here to order through our online site

If you miss the deadline, we will still have emergency options available at the cost below.

Emergency lunch is $7 (macaroni and cheese, applesauce, and a drink)

Emergency snack is $3 (animal crackers and a drink)

Original Works Art Project

We are excited to offer Original Works to our AMA families. This program allows you to purchase your child's artwork on personal gifts such as shirts, holiday ornaments, mugs, calendars, tote bags, night lights, and more! Click here to read more about the program.

Your child's artwork, ordering form and pricing information has already been sent home. Extra order forms will be available at the front office.

Please have you orders sent back in the poly bag no later than Friday October 21st.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to Mrs. O'Donnell at edonnell@amacademy.com or to Ms. Ford.

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders

When accompanying your child in to the school for drop off or pick up, please park in the designated spaces provided or the "permit only" spaces. If your child is walking in independently, please only use the area in front of the school for drop off and remain with your car.

Box Top Competition

GREAT job to all our families for bringing in box tops for our school wide competition!

Below are the current team standings .... good job RED team!

RED - 126

BLUE - 103

WHITE - 70

This Week at AMA

Spotlight on Fall Arts and Crafts

Our classroom's are looking ready for Fall as teachers, students, and parent volunteers help to create themed crafts. Check out some of our fun activities below.

A Look Ahead

1st Grade Field Trip to Centennial Farms on October 18th

Our students will enjoy a day on the farm, complete with radish seed planting, a chick experience, oxen demonstration, crop tending, and they will learn about livestock (all activities are subject to the farm's discretion and the children may not do them all).

Attire: AMA red polo, jeans and closed toed shoes (this is a working farm, so the children will get a little dirty)

Lunch: lunch will be back at school when the children return

Depart from AMA: 8:00am

Tour Time: 9:00am-10:30am

Return to AMA: 11:45am

Picture Day 10/19

Please dress your child in formal attire for our 2016 - 2017 picture day!

On-Site Uniform Monkey Sale 10/19

Uniform Monkey will be here in the multi-purpose room from 8am to 6pm. On this day, you may purchase uniform items in preschool through elementary sizes.

The Great Shake 10/20

On Thursday, October 20th at 10:20am we will participating in the Great Shake. This is a statewide earthquake drill and we will join 9.78 million other schools, businesses and families practicing on this day and time.

We will simulate what an earthquake will sound like using an audio track in the classrooms. After the in class drill, we will have the students and teachers line up outside, and go through safety procedures in place as if a real earthquake has taken place.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Miss Maltas, cmaltas@amacademy.com

Citizen of the Month Award on 10/28

On Friday, October 28th at 8am, we will be honoring students who have displayed this month's character trait of responsibility.

We will also hold a 7 habit ticket raffle to award 2 students a free dress pass.

Teachers will reach out to families ahead of time to inform them whether their child has been selected to receive the award.

Remember to dress in formal wear

Trunk-Or-Treat Monday, October 31st

From 11:00am-12:00pm, students will be trick or treating from trunks decorated by our parent volunteers to collect a variety of treats. This fun Halloween event will be held in the parking lot located on the far side of the playground.

Students are welcome to wear their Halloween costumes all day. Below are a few reminders when planning your costume:

  • no (fake) weapons of any kind
  • masks can not be worn all day, and should go in a backpack during class time
  • students must be able to sit at their desks
  • no open toed shoes

Contact Darshna Vohra at jhaladarshna@gmail.com if you are interested in participating in this event!

Parent Organization Diwali Presentation

Following the Citizen of the Month Award presentation on October 28th, parent volunteers will be presenting and teaching students about the Hindu holiday, Diwali. The 15 minute presentations will represent the festival of lights held on October 30th.

A flyer with more information is sent home in your child's folder.

On-Site Tutoring Available

AMA now offers on-site tutoring services for students who are interested in receiving additional help from a credentialed teacher. Tutoring is a personalized session aimed at stimulating a deeper understanding of an academic concept.

If you are interested in having your child receive this additional support from a credentialed teacher, please email kspiker@amacademy.com. She will coordinate with days and times available with all our teachers.


One-on-one tutoring for 1 hour: $40

Group tutoring for 1 hour: $30


Various days and times available; inform Miss Spiker with details of your request

October Birthdays

October 2nd - James H.

October 2nd - Jason H.

October 5th - Gabriella D.

October 14th - Leen A.

October 31st - Kate X.

School Uniform

As a Reminder

Please ensure your student is wearing a complete uniform every day. All uniform pieces must all be purchased through Uniform Monkey or previously from True Grits. Your child may wear free dress on their birthday!

Formal Wear

A reminder to wear formal dress on the following days

This information can also be found at


10/19 - Picture Day

10/28 - Citizen of the Month/Performance

11/18 - Citizen ​of the Month/Performance

11/22 - Feast Day

12/16 - Citizen ​of the Month/Performance

1/27 - Citizen of the Month/Performance

2/24 - Citizen of the Month/Performance

3/31 - Citizen ​of the Month/Performance

4/28 - Citizen ​of the Month/Performance

5/10 - Mother's Day Celebration

5/26 - Citizen of the Month/Performance

6/16 - Citizen ​of the Month/Performance

2016 - 2017 Parent/Student Handbook

Our handbook offers information regarding this year's school policies. You can find our handbook on our website, under 'Parent Resources', or by clicking here.