Chichester Central School News

October 16, 2020

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, 10/20- School Board Meeting, 6pm. Curriculum Presentation by Chris Motika

Tues & Wed 10/20-21 - Student Flu Clinic

Tues & Wed 10/27-28 - Picture Day

Wednesday 10/28 - SAU Board Budget Hearing

Thursday 10/29 & Friday 10/30- CCS Halloween Celebrations (more info to come!)

Principal's Message

Here at CCS, we continue to move forward with our 2020-2021 Goals set by the Chichester School Board in August of 2020. For those that may not be familiar with them, I have included them for you here:

  1. Competencies

  2. World Language (exploring a ½ time teacher, 2021-2022)

  3. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

  4. Climate, Culture, Communication (school and community

On Friday, October 9th, CCS Staff spent the day working on Learning Progressions, Remote Learning Expectations, Eureka Math, Science work, and Technology implementation.

Chris Motika, SAU 53 Curriculum Coordinator, spent the morning with us helping to align learning progressions for Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. All teachers met together to align our standards and curriculum K-8 so that we can get a full picture of how our grade level standards align with the previous and following grade level(s). We look forward to continuing this work through the 2020-2021 school year!

Mr. Motika will be joining us at our TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20TH SCHOOL BOARD AT 6PM.

From The CCS Health Office

October 16, 2020



If you would like your child to have their Flu Shot at school next week, Please send in or email me their consent form ASAP.


Tuesday, October 20th for A Day Students

Wednesday, October 21st for B Day Students

Fully remote day students, please call the school for an appointment for either day

If you have any questions, please feel free to call/email me (

Thank you,

Mrs. Strazzeri

School Nurse

Cyanotype Printing in Grade 6

Mr. Gagnon and Mrs. Murphy have been collaborating on a Project-Based Learning STEAM unit. Science and Art collide to create some magical work in Grade 6! Expect to hear more about this project in the future.

Technology Resources & An Update from Mrs. Duval

Keep an eye out for Technology resources to be made available in your Clever homepage. Mrs. Duval is adding access to typing programs, coding programs, and programs to learn about digital safety and digital health.

Typing Practice for 1-8: Students are encouraged to practice their typing skills using TypingClub. These should be done in 15 minute increments a few times a week to build muscle memory. Students can access this program at and log in with their usual username (ex: 2523smjo) and google password (all lowercase). We are looking to join this program to Clever so students can simply log in with the Clever button.

Coding for 1-5: Students in grades 1-5 can practice their coding and design skills using CodeSpark. CodeSpark is a fun puzzle based way to learn the basics of programming. There are also opportunities to explore more advanced concepts like automation, game design, boolean logic and animation. The weekly access code and directions on how to use this program can be found here:

Code Spark Codes and Directions

Join codes are valid for one week. Good through 10/20/20 at 2pm.

A Special Thank you Chichester Fire Department!

Station Tour

From the CCS School Board

In addition to the CCS School Board, there are also two boards that manage operations throughout SAU53. The Executive Board consists of one school board member from each school district. They traditionally meet once a month and serve as a means of communication to keep sending boards informed.The Full SAU Board consists of all members of all district boards.

The SAU Executive Board is working on the SAU budget for 2021/2022. On October 28th there will be a public hearing about the proposed budget beginning at 6:00pm. At the end of a public hearing, the full SAU Board will vote on the proposed budget. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any board members.

Bri Stone,

Heather Chivaras,

Ben Brown,

Remote Learners Experiment with STEM!

This week, remote learners completed a STEM challenge to design candy catapults. Their designs needed to be able to shoot candy corn. Here is the link to the directions if you want to give it a try:

Pembroke Academy Headmaster Update

PA Video #14

Chichester Central School

The mission of Chichester Central School is to educate our students to become independent thinkers, problem-solvers and self-directed learners. We are committed to fostering the social, emotional, developmental, intellectual, and physical needs of every child. We strive to work with the broader community to ensure that students develop lifelong skills enabling them to be contributing and productive members of society.