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Visit Portugal!

If you want to go hiking in the Serra da Estrela Mountains or you want to go volcano sight-seeing, Portugal is the place to be! Food in Portugal includes a wide variety of meat, bread, fish, cheese, vegetables, and fruits. In Portugal, popular sports played are soccer, basketball, and running. Portugal provides a wide array of sites, including the Bom Jesus Sanctuary, the Portugal Cove, castles in the Belem District Lisbon, and Coimbra University. The National Coach Museum, the Electricity Museum, and the Decorative Arts Museum, lie in Portugal, if you want to visit a museum. New Year's Day, Easter, Labor Day, Corpus Christi, National Day of Portugal, Independence Day, and All Saints' Day are the yearly celebrations in Portugal.

Things To Know

Portuguese is the official language in Portugal. Common phrases you would need to know if you went there are "Bom dia" (Good Morning), "Como?" ("Sorry?" or "I don't understand"), (Você) Fala inglês? (Do you speak English?), "Por favor!" (Please), "Onde é a casa de banho? (Where's the bathroom?), and "Aceita dólares?" (Do you accept dollars?). Portugal's government is a Parliamentary Democracy, meaning "democratic form of government in which the party (or a coalition of parties) with the greatest representation in the parliament (legislature) forms the government, its leader becoming prime minister or chancellor", or the part with the greatest amount of people create the government, and it's leader is a prime minister or chancellor. Portugal's currency is the Euro, and its exchange rate is €1 to $1.34, or $1 to €0.75.


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