The Super Sea Creature

by Juliana Winograd


It’s hard to believe that clams can live for 100 years! I’m going to talk to you about what clams look like, how they move, and where you can find them! Come on, let’s dive under the sea and explore the features of this amazing mollusk!


As you can see, the giant clam is an interesting organism! We now know what clams look like, how they move, and where they live. The next time you go to the Great Barrier Reef try to look for these cool creatures. Without a doubt, the people who think clams are lame are 100% wrong! Don’t you think?

Monsters of the Deep

Chef's Corner: Recipe for Boiled Clams

Clams are organisms that can be cooked into tasty food. They can be served on a plate regular or the can go into soups! Yum! There are no necessary ingredients. All you have to do is boil these clams, then you’ll have a tasty meal!

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Words For The Giant Clam

These are some adjectives and nouns that relate to the giant clam.
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Diorama by Myself

This is a diorama I made. There are many sea creatures in this sea. The numbers stand for my best animals and my topic animal. They include the following: giant clam, jellyfish, sea turtle, octopus, clown fish, crab, goldfish and starfish.

Go Fish

My group members, Justine and Katie were very successful for this project. Our budget was $250 and we only spent $200.38. We had $49.62 left over. The fish we chose included one fancy guppy, one blonde guppy, one fan tail goldfish and one puffer fish. We chose them because we thought that they had many colored details. I really enjoyed this project because I liked working with my friends.