Vine Maple

Acer Circinatum

Vine maple is an angiosperm and a dicotyledon because it has single leaves rather then bunches.


Maple leaves are star shaped with 5-8 points on each leaf. Each tree may have different sized leaves yet they are all still the same tree. Depending on the setting, the vine maple can grow anywhere from 10-15 feet tall, 25 feet if it is in an open area.


Native Americans used to grind up the vine maple leaves and use them as medicine.
The branches of the vine maple was used for making structures for fishing nets, baby cradles and frames for hand drums.

Water Needs

The vine maple can live off very little water because their roots dig so far into the ground they can just get it from the soil.

Native Location

Vine maple is native to the Northwest. it's habitat is bottoms of canyons and both eastern and western slopes of the cascades. It can also be found as far north as Alaska and as far south as northern California. it also ranges from the eastern cascades to the Pacific Coast.