Child Abuse is EVERYWHERE!!

Presentation by: Kayeley Vollrath 10/22/13

What is Child Abuse?

At school almost every day you see a child that is being abused at home but, they are so good at hiding it that you do not see it. Child abuse is ignoring the children's needs,and putting them in dangerous situations. While you may be cuddled up at home with your mom or your dad another child may be running from there dad or even their mom. NO child deserves this! You can be black or white, tan of pale, short or tall ,fat or skinny but NO ONE deserves this!

What signs to look for

You may not see all of the bruises and scratches right away so it is important to know the signs. The signs of Emotional abuse are: fearful of doing something wrong, shows bad behavior. Another sign is that they are not attached to parent or guardian. The signs for Physical abuse are: unexplained bruises, cuts or welts, shies from touches Also if they never want to go home,and when they wear inappropriate clothes to hide the marks. The warning signs of neglect are clothes are too big/too small inappropriate for the weather. Some other one's are bad hygiene (such as body odor, matted hair) They are others to like untreated illnesses, always unsupervised and late or missing for school.

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Why do people abuse their children?

Some people abuse their kids because that is the only way that they know how to parent or that is the only way to control their children. Other people abuse because they have anxiety and they can not control it. Other people may have grown up in that enviornment so that is why they abuse.

How can child who is being abused stop it?

Well if a child is in that situation they can tell a teacher to report it. When they tell a teacher the teacher will immediately report it to either the police or to DSS. It is important if you are being abused to report it because it could make the difference between death and life. Together we can all stop child abuse!

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It is possible to stop child abuse!

I hope that after reading this you will realize that child abuse is everywhere! I hope that you can look for these signs in your everyday life! It will be a team effort but together we can stop child abuse! One report at a time!
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