Middle School Observation

Haley Horning

School Atmosphere

The atmosphere in middle school was a bit different than elementary but still very colorful in the classroom, well most anyway. Just like in elementary middle school had themed hallways and differently themed classrooms. The classroom I spent most of my time in was in 7th grade science and her room was all decked out with posters, pets, waterfalls, and plants on plants. She was telling me how her classroom is more effective for students to be calm and learn easier than just a white, boring classroom, which I completely agree with. The lights were also dimmed, instead of having them all on at all times as well.

Student-Teacher Interactions

Student to teacher interactions were still a very key thing in 7th & 8th grade. Mainly really again 7th grade science because they were working on making thermostats and testing them out. It took a lot of listening to the teacher for the students to understand what they were doing, they couldn't of done it without her help and supervision and walking around to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. In the other classroom I observed she was also having to tell them what to do but only in the beginning and then just checking up on them every once in a while. It was a cooking class so basically she just told them what to do and gave them a sheet with directions and if they had questions to come ask her. This was a more independent approach.

Student-Student Interactions

Student to student interaction was something that was once again an important impact on kids. It's a big deal to have friends in middle school and I saw a lot of passing notes or talking at the table rather than the teacher. But when I was in middle school it was the most important thing to be the cool kid and have so many friends so I still saw that when I was observing. You could see kids using more sarcasm and interaction rather than in elementary school more because of the fact that they're older and aren't as much afraid of their teacher as when they were in elementary.

Teaching & Learning Environment

The environment in the classroom was something that was a bit different from elementary. Instead of small groups or clumps of students together they were all in lines or tables with more kids. The teaching and learning environment was still engaged

Interesting Experiences I Had

The only interesting things I learned while I was there was things I already knew about middle schoolers and how they are learning to test people.. LOL overall I probably learned how to make some good pumpkin bread and how to make your own thermostat, which was pretty cool.