KMS Staff Meeting October 1, 2013

Meeting to Learn

Choose Your Session!

This year, staff meetings are less about meeting and more about learning. KMS staff members will be facilitating sessions that are relevant and engaging. Please review the offerings below and select the session that most appeals to you and your professional goals. Please submit the form at the bottom to allow the facilitators to plan according to their group size.

Student Engagement

Mr. Christian will review 10 Student Engagement Strategies. This session will provide teachers with a clear understanding of what student engagement looks and sounds like. It will empower the Classroom Leader with additional tools that keep students focused on the task(s) and motivate the learner to maintain a thirst for academic success.

Assessing student writing: Inquiring into the role of reflection and self-assessment

Come to this session to think with Mr. Fulton about assessing student writing and what we can learn about our students as writers through allowing them to assess themselves. We'll look at and discuss student writing samples, methods for framing self-assessment assignments, and the potential for documentary making to assess the learning and writing process.

CPS (Student Response Systems)

Ready to use your CPS student remotes? Need a refresher on some of the setup and features of your CPS software? This session will help you get ready to use CPS for classroom assignments, formal assessments, or on-the-fly during class discussions. Mrs. Simril will leave you ready to easily and formatively assess your students' learning!


Want to learn to use an iPad like a pro? Tired of trying to navigate the sea of Apps just to find the right one for your class? Join Mrs. Braswell and Mrs. Britt for an hour of exploration into the world of the iPad and a rousing discussion of how they can save time and make your life better.

Getting Students to Talk...About Content!

Tired of the same three students raising their hands every time you ask a question? Come talk with Mrs. Wolford about how to help all of your students become more active participants in your class discussions. In this session you will experience several discussion strategies to answer questions like: How can I make sure they really talk about what they are supposed to talk about? What if they don't talk at all? How do I manage movement? How do I know how to group students? How much time do I allow? How do I get students to discuss more deeply?
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