Tech Tip Tuesday

Suggestions for Next Year

I've been experimenting with a few things this year and have some really simple cheats that have seemed to make my classroom run a little smoother, especially when it comes to homework...yes homework....completion. One of the big take away I got from the high school visit to West that the Freshman struggled a lot with homework and that is no surprise since we don't assign very much homework and when we do the percent of completion is terrible. So I put down some stuff I have tried out this quarter and have had some success.

Record or find a video that explains what the assignment is over. I know it sounds scarey to record one yourself but I have done this a couple times this quarter and I really just take my cell phone and record me writing something on a piece of paper....sometimes the exact problem from notes. It take a few minutes and then you can send it to your Drive or directly to your school youtube account. That way the kids can see exactly what you are expecting and you can post it in the remind notification, google classroom, or infinite campus. If you do end up sending it to youtube be sure to send me the link so I can unblock it so they can see it here at school. A lot of reading and language art concepts there are a toooooon of videos already created. This is an extra help for the students that are trying to do their homework but might not have any idea how to start.

Set up a remind account and actually use it. I attached copies of worksheets, or youtube videos to go over the lesson I just taught to help the kids. Also the phone app it really easy to use.

I would really like to have grade level remind accounts for next year as well to remind them of events/test/projects/permission slips. If you'd be interested in this maybe we could also get a staff list printed out that we could have printed out at registration so parents could also get signed up.

Google Classroom

Most of us have Google Classroom setup, but have you used them to put copies of worksheets, or videos to help with homework on them. So very similar to Remind I usually post every homework worksheet, and a video or link to a helpful page for them. This way that can have access to it on a computer and not just their phone. You can put this up as an announcement so that it doesn't say that the assignment is missing. I also put copies of worksheets or notebook documents here as well. (You can print the notebook document to a pdf and then attach it)


1. On campus use the message feature to send out reminders to the kids of missing assignments, you can also attach items to these. (Not the most common way for kids to check for missing work, but the parents also can get these messages and if they are a chronic campus checker they can turn on the notifications so it comes directly to their phone if they get a campus message)

2. When you assign a lesson on campus attach the worksheet to the assignment. This helps everyone who is trying to a help a kid get caught up here at school or at home. It's nice to know that a kid is missing 6 assignments but not very useful if they can get a copy of the worksheet, or if you ran out of copies. This way the kids can print it off on their own or at least look at it a copy it onto another paper. (This is more for when the assignment has become missing and needs a new copies)