Summer Plans

By: Maddy

Helping with Kids

On Sundays at church, I go and help with the little kids in the nursery. Also at my church I go and help with Vacation Bible school, and am a leader.

Hanging with friends

Since I live out in the country, I don't just get to walk to a friends house, but I go and hang out with lots of people over the summer. Go t movies or walk around the mall, hang at their houses because the only thing fun at my house is to walk tin the trees or ride the four wheeler.

Dog Sitting

I have 3 dogs and home and have to dog sit all the time. And friends always ask to come and dog sit for them, feed and let them out also walk them.

Chores at home

I have always had to chores at home and I don't that I will get out of it. So I have to like take out the garbage and watch the dogs, once in a while sweep or dust. But they aren't to hard of chores.


Last summer I started to babysit quite a bit and will continue this summer. The most that I have babysat is 4 kids and I also really enjoy working with kids.

Sports Camps and Activities

I am going to lots of volleyball camps this summer. Also I plan on doing summer weights at Northwest. Throughout the summer weights is every day and you go and lift and do agility, at camps for volleyball, I will go to Kearney and Omaha.


We go camping with my family, my moms side. We go for like a week, and we go fishing and swim, go on bike rides. Its a a lot of fun! We normally go to Johnson lake.


We are going to Iowa for my dads office, 60th year so they are going to Adventure Land. As a family but there are some other families going along with us.


I like to run. I would like to do track in High School, so I plan to run every day in the summer.
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